Reliable partnerships.

With a boutique character and with over 40 years of experience in providing the highest level of professional expertise to clients based in Cyprus and overseas, we can assure that each client receives individual attention and tailor-made services to meet every business need in Cyprus and abroad.

Tailor made services.

Audit & Assurance

Proficient and highly trained audit experts with extensive experience in the audit of local and international activities businesses ranging from small to large, in a variety of industry fields.


Keeping track of the tax calendar and complying with the various submission and payment dates can be a headache, which we can relieve our clients of. 


Up-to-date and precise financial information is of vital importance for the smooth operation of any kind of business.

Corporate Services

A comprehensive range of corporate services covering all the needs of a company operating in Cyprus or abroad, covering all corporate entities from Limited Companies and Partnerships to Trusts and International Corporate Groups.

Business Consultancy

Business consultancy services and financial advisory services covering all industry sectors and all kinds of business activities.

Fiduciary Services

Nominee,Trustee Services, Corporate Secretary, Directorship and similar services.

Business in Cyprus.

Numerous tax advantages along with a solid legal framework under the EU umbrella. Start in Cyprus now.

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